Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy

Parent Advisory Group

The Parent Advisory Group (PAG) for the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy is a committee of parents, grandparents, and relatives who are very interested in our/your children’s education as well as their well-being.  The committee is appointed by the Tribal Council to represent the children and parents of the Academy.  The Parent Advisory Group collaborates with the Principal and Education Director, as well as the Southern Ute Tribal Council to create a vision that ensures success for our children.  We are very interested in establishing high standards for the education of the Southern Ute Culture and Language, as it is extremely important for our students to obtain the strength of this knowledge in order to create a foundation of who they are as Ute Children; we also encourage continuous growth for academic achievement.

The only way we can assure success for our children is to combine our ideas and concerns and communicate with each other. We are here to properly advocate for our children.  In our Parent Advisory Group, everyone’s input is important and is communicated to the Academy Principal and Education Director, as well as the Southern Ute Tribal Council, with respect and dignity.

PAG encourages all parents, community members, and tribal elders to attend our meetings for the benefit of our children’s education, both academic and cultural.

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The PAG committee is currently seeking volunteers to sit on the board.

PAG Members

All PAG member positions are currently open

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